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I think of my photographs as love letters. It all starts with an inexplicable attraction to someone or something, a welling up of appreciation, a sparkle of excitement, and finally, a sense of discovery. If the connection happens, then the resulting photo might reveal something essential of the person and/or place, hinting at what is underneath. To the extent that I succeed, my photographs are character studies in picture form. I am pleased when I think some larger story is being communicated/conveyed.


Seeing the extraordinary in ordinary moments.

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Felice Simon brings an acute sense of timing and a spirit of moxie to her photography from her years in improvisational theater. She has studied at the International Center for Photography, Pratt Institute, and Maine Media Workshops. Her photographs have appeared in juried exhibitions at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO and at 1650 Studio & Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.


In February 2016, her "Immersion” series was exhibited at Pratt Institute Gallery (Manhattan) in The Grammar of Photography group show curated by Christopher Giglio.  She was recently honored as the Winner of The Theo Westenberger Estate “Belonging & Not Belonging” 2016 Photo Contest.

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